Photo Credit: Larissa Cleveland Photography

Meet Jessica

For the past 7 years, Jessica Janik worked as a Fashion Stylist, Event Production Manager, and Fashion Public Relations Consultant in New York City.  Jessica was responsible for planning and coordinating  luxury events for designers and brands such as; Oscar de la Renta, Cartier, Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Clinique, Dennis Basso, and Lady Gaga to name a few. Whether it was a fashion show, store opening, brand launch, magazine release, or product introduction or presentation, Jessica brought a refined and experienced eye to every project. Jessica developed keen organization skills and attention to detail ensuring that everything was executed flawlessly and will do the same for all of your wedding festivities. 

With a degree in Textiles and Merchandising from Florida State University, Jessica moved to New York and went on to study Fashion Design at Parsons. After returning to Florida multiple times for different friends' bachelorettes, bridal showers, engagement parties and weddings (not always as a bridesmaid) she realized there was something missing. Even though the bride had a MOH and a wedding planner, the bride always seemed to be alone in the most critical moments. Wedding after wedding, in stead of having fun like all the other guests, Jessica found herself spending a significant portion of the wedding assisting the bride and bridal party. 

With this realization, her extensive Fashion and Events background, and love of making people feel special, The Invisible Bridesmaid was created.

The Invisible Bridesmaid

With a focus on client service, Jessica aims to provide personalized attention throughout the planning process. From orchestrating secret proposals, to everything pre-wedding including but not limited to; engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, all things social media related, creating the perfect wedding hashtag, unique gifts and décor, corresponding with bridesmaids to keep peace, booking flights, picking out the bridesmaids dresses, MOH speeches, and even writing and preparing for your vows on your wedding day, Jessica is there every step of the way.  Jessica ensures that the bride and her wedding party create a truly memorable, stress free, and dream-like experience during all pre-wedding events so that everyone feels united and enjoys every minute along the way. 

Jessica makes sure that every stage of the process begins with the bride’s vision, whether it’s an intimate gathering to ask your closest friends to be bridesmaids or working directly with the bridal party to plan the extravagant overseas bachelorette party. Jessica approaches every moment of the planning process with the bridal party’s style and personality in mind.

For this reason, no two events by The Invisible Bridesmaid are alike. We love the challenge of creating an experience as unique as you are—it pushes us to dream big while tailoring our design process to you. Our job is to sculpt each of your events down to the most intimate detail such as helping to find the perfect gift you and your groom to exchange the morning of the wedding and making sure you two have that special moment together. This assures you can attend to the most important thing of all: celebrating and being present in the moment with the ones you love. After all, a wedding stands out if the bride, groom, and wedding party are present - if they are truly there experiencing the moment. That’s what The Invisible Bridesmaid strives to create and is there to invent ways to give the entire wedding party an unforgettable experience. 

Jessica spends hundreds of hours crafting each step of every celebration along the way, shaping even the smallest of details with purpose and heart. After all, Jessica isn’t just here to plan an event, but to be The Invisible Bridesmaid that everyone wishes they had and establish moments that will last a lifetime.